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Termite Swarms in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

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When a house has been unceremoniously degraded by termites, there will be some telltale signs. In the Spring Hill area, termite swarms are themselves most common as the weather warms. As spring comes on, the insects can be found in wood beams, furniture, and exterior walls. Though subterranean termites typically live in the soil, drywood termites live almost exclusively in wood. We will identify the species and develop an effective treatment plan.

Winged termites are known as swarmers. Swarming termites are reproductives and are looking for a location to start a new colony. Because the extermination methods are typically complex, the experts from Alternative Pest Management should always be called in to investigate.

If the termites have already started to build a colony, there will likely be other signs as well. In general, termites eat wood objects from the inside out. Thus, hollowed-out wood will certainly be an indication that the insects are present. Likewise, drywood termites tend to leave brown-colored droppings in exposed areas. This waste, which is called frass, means that the critters have formed a colony somewhere nearby.

When a swarm is directly detected, property owners should have Alternative Pest Management perform a thorough inspection of the house. Mud tubes indicate that the colony is quite advanced. Likewise, wing piles point to a colony has recently gone through a reproductive episode. If droppings, mud tubes, discarded wings, and degraded wood items are all found, then action will need to be taken as soon as possible.

Ultimately, termite infestations cannot be treated by property owners. The termites themselves are usually found in covered areas that can be hard to access. Alternative Pest Management will first perform a thorough inspection of the property. After the severity of the infestation has been determined, a treatment plan can be worked out. With immediate assistance from the experts at Alternative Pest Management, any further damage to the structure may be avoided.

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