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Common Pest Problems in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

Throughout the greater Tampa area, there are many different types of pests that can invade your home or business.  Below are some examples of the most common pests we deal with.  If you see any signs of pests, you should contact us for a free quote.

There are some that still believe that cobwebs form completely from dust. The truth of the matter is that a cobweb indicates the presence of a spider. The old web inside the home or business may only be a strand or two and dusty, but it is still made by a spider. Webs are sticky so house dust readily sticks to them, and they become cobwebs. The spider has just moved to another spot to live, eat and breed.

Wood-boring insects

Holes in wood that were not specifically drilled by a person have probably been bored by insects. There are more pests other than just termites that consume wood. There are beatles, ants, and bee species that will bore into wood. Property owners often paint over damage, not realizing the extent of real damage that is occurring in the subsurface of the wood. Termites can rapidly eat away floors and framing members of a structure to the point where it becomes structurally unsafe. Termite damage may appear as wood that looks damaged by water. Poking at suspect wood with a screwdriver may have sections crumble into dust.

Spiders, Bees & Wasps

Tampa Bay Area property owners have it worse than property owners in some other parts of the country. Spiders and insects are active and in abundance year round in The Greater Tampa Bay Area. Be on the lookout for the mud nests of wasps or bees flying in and out of a small hole in the eave of a building or around a door or window frame.

Alternative Pest Management can stop the onslaught of any pests trying to share residence with a property owner. Everything from mice to spiders respond to the professional treatments that we use on a routine basis. Anytime it is suspected that rodents, insects, spiders, snakes, termites or other pests are moving in, that is the time to call the pros at Alternative Pest Management who know exactly what to do to stop them.

Pests often try to take over outbuildings such as sheds too. Since the buildings do not see daily use, they are a welcome shelter for all kinds of vermin. Some of which can be harmful to humans. No matter if it is the basement, garage, garden shed or even the kitchen and living room, Alternative Pest Management has the answers to getting rid of the pesky critters that try to take over.

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