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Environmentally Friendly Flea Control


Few would argue that fleas, with their daily diet of blood, are annoying and disgusting. An infestation of them can be downright unpleasant. For some people with allergic dermatitis, they can result in sheer itchy misery.

Signs of Fleas

There are several signs of a flea infestation. Since their primary prey are pets, particularly dogs, take a close look at Fido. Fleas love to congregate around the neck, under the tail and between the back legs. Investing in a flea comb is a great way to reveal these critters. You yourself might also be getting bitten, particularly around your ankles. You may never actually see any fleas; they are 0.3 centimeters long, nearly flat and dark brown.

It’s not a good idea to allow a flea infestation to go unchecked. These pests can reproduce very rapidly. What’s more, they will make your dog or cat’s life miserable. Pets with allergies often require expensive veterinary care as a result of hot spots and infections that come from severe flea bites. Remember this: for every flea you see, there are probably at least 80 more invisible ones. These numbers get very large very quickly.

Leave the Flea Exterminating to the Professionals at Alternative Pest Management

Treating your pet for fleas is useless unless you also banish them from your home or business. An entrenched flea infestation can be frustratingly hard to dislodge. That’s why you need help from Alternative Pest Management. We are experts in solving your nasty pest problems naturally, safely and, most important, effectively. Fleas have been known to lie dormant for up to 6 months just waiting for the right conditions to come out and multiply. Call us today and we’ll vanquish these blood-sucking critters from your life for good. When we’re done, you’ll thank us—and so will Fido.

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