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Bee & Wasp Control

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Florida is home to a wide variety of flying pests, including dreaded bees and wasps. These insects can be a nuisance, but bees and wasps can also be dangerous, even deadly, to human beings and domesticated animals. Safely eliminating bees and wasps is essential.

Bees and wasps cover a wide variety of flying insect species, and the insects can reside in a wide range of habitats. As pollinators, bees need access to pollinating plants. Wasps are predators, so access to other insects and small spiders is necessary.

Which bees & wasps pose a threat to my property?

Some Wasp species are solitary, and these insects do not usually cause extreme property damage. Social bees and wasps are more likely to create troublesome colonies. Social species are also more likely to pose a serious danger to humans and animals, and approaching a colony of a social species should be avoided. Colony-dwelling stinging insects will defend the colony.

A bee or wasp problem can be identified by the physical presence of the insects or signs of activity. Indications of activity can include a colony or damage to structures on the property and each species has a signature method of destroying property. With carpenter bees, the females will bore holes in wood. Mud daubers are wasps known for using mud to construct tube-like nests on exterior surfaces. Some bees and wasps build nests from a material similar to paper. Other bees and wasps construct burrows or invade existing burrows.

Do we Have African (Killer) Bees in the Greater Tampa Bay Area?

Yes. In 2002 Florida had it’s first positive identification of African Honey Bees in Tampa Bay. Check out this information from Florida’s Department of Agriculture as well as some videos about African Bees.

Leave it to the professionals at Alternative Pest Management

If a bee or wasp nest is present, property owners should avoid getting too close and disturbing the nest. While only one percent of people are allergic to bee and wasp venom, stings can still be painful and uncomfortable. Additionally, some animals can be negatively affected by bee and wasp venom.

The safest and most effective course of action is to contact us to handle bees and wasps. We can also offer advice for warding off future infestations.

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