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Land O Lakes Fleas

Land O Lakes Fleas


Land O Lakes FleasAre you a Land O Lakes resident? Then you are not new to the fleas problem in the area. A fleas infestation on your pets may seem trivial, but it actually poses a serious threat. If left unattended, it can impact your pet’s health. Moreover, a flea infestation can easily spread throughout your house.


Once fleas find their way inside your house, they can easily entrench themselves. All fleas need is a favorable environmental condition – humidity, Land O Lakes Fleaswarm temperature, and a host. With these factors, they can complete their life cycle within 18 days. Females usually lay 20 to 50 eggs per day, which means your small infestation can grow larger in just a few weeks.


Although there are organic pest control measures to help prevent flea infestation, it will be difficult once it has grown large enough. In such situation, you will need a Land O Lakes fleas control service such as Alternative Pest Management. With organic pest control methods, our experts can remove flea infestation in your house, as well as the ones that thrive on your pets, without harming your health.

Land O Lakes Fleas

Alternative Pest Management offers state-certified, licensed, & insured pest professionals with extensive knowledge of their field. We also offer customizable natural treatment programs, flexible scheduling, pest prevention recommendations, and fast and reliable service. All of our pest control programs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are all eco-friendly!


We can handle any pest problem


Whether you have an infestation, a bed bug problem, termites or any other pest problem, we can take care of the problem.  The most common calls we get are  for termites, mosquitoes, rodents and bed bugs calls.  Most of the time we can take care of the pest issue in one visit, but some jobs will require several visits and checkups.


Our customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority.


Alternative Pest Management is a family-owned and operated business with over 40+ years of natural and alternative roach, pest and termite control experience.

We are strongly committed to excellence in quality service, great results. Customers are always treated professionally and punctual service is always provided.


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Why Choose Alternative Pest Management?

How about 40+ years of experience, 40+ years protecting my customer’s health and property from vermin.

Here’s a brief history…

In 1977, after working for a few years full time in Pest Control I purchased a small Pest Control company working the Philadelphia; Bucks County, Pennsylvania market, worked and built the company until 2005 when I sold the company and moved to the Tampa Bay area.

In 2008, in Hernando County, FL I worked for a local Pest Control company, got my Certified Pest Control Operator license, found a small Pest Control company for sale, purchased it and the story begins again.

I now provide Pest Management Services in Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

My Promise to You…

I make this commitment to each and every customer. I will bring HONESTY and PROFESSIONALISM to every transaction. I will be PUNCTUAL and COURTEOUS at every appointment. I will provide the VERY BEST, state of the art technologies to eliminate and manage your pest problems.

My customer’s SATISFACTION is my #1 priority.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Alternative Pest Management.

I appreciate your business and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Stephen Rubel