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The Benefits of the Greater Tampa Bay Area’s Best Natural Pest Control Services

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Property owners have many options for dealing with pests. You might choose traditional pest control methods, but these techniques might not be the right choice for you just because they’ve been around for decades.

It may be time to evolve your strategy for the modern era. Natural pest control solutions and integrated pest management, or IPM, are quickly becoming the standard.

Leveraging an Integrated Approach to Victory

alternative door logoIPM techniques incorporate behavioral and physical controls to minimize the likelihood that pests will want to take up residence. Using complementary strategies instead of banking everything on a single approach makes it possible to win the war against pests on more fronts.

Comprehensive Treatment for Greater Tampa Bay Area Properties

IPM uses a fine-tuned, situationally appropriate physical and behavioral controls. For instance, a pest management professional who tackles a pest problem might try to make a property less inviting by:

  • Using vacuums to sanitize spaces, eliminate food sources and remove creatures like bed bugs,
  • Setting traps so that individual pests can be captured and identified
  • Improving exclusion by finding and blocking entry points.

Alternative Pest Management combines these techniques to produce desirable long-term results. IPM demands a more nuanced approach than physical-only alternatives do, but research suggests that it’s associated with higher success rates and improved affordability.

How Are IPM Standards Set?

When IPM services do use chemical products, they tend to stick to naturally derived and organically sourced options. Different insect families are repelled or killed by species-specific plant chemicals found in nature. For instance, insecticides like pyrethrum come from chrysanthemums, and they’re widely used in natural pest management for their ability to kill insects without harming humans. Similar techniques can be applied in Tampa Bay homes and businesses.

Pest management services that use natural methods determine which substances are safe and acceptable by relying on data from many reputable sources, such as:

  • The USDA National Organic Program, which regulates organic products used in IPM,
  • The Organic Materials Review Institute, or OMRI, an independent body that evaluates whether pesticides can be used in organic facilities, and
  • The National Pest Management Association, or NMPA, GreenPro Certification Program.

Getting Started

Are natural pest control services and IPM right for your property? In addition to being more cost-effective, they place individuals, families, professionals and business patrons at reduced risk. In Tampa Bay’s thriving wild environment and hot climate, IPM is the best option for permanently stopping your pest problem.

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