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Signs that Mice and Rats Have Invaded Your Tampa Bay Home or Business

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A mouse or rat infestation can be terrifying and unsanitary. These critters can invade your property, multiply quickly and spread disease. They can destroy wiring, causing fires and plumbing systems, causing water damage and mold. Look out for the common signs of rats and mice in your home or business.


When mice or rats run through your home or business, they leave droppings everywhere. These black oblong droppings and urine may appear on countertops, behind the refrigerator and under cabinets. This is the first sign that your house is under attack from mice or rats. Take steps to clean and disinfect all surfaces where you have spotted droppings to avoid contamination of food.

Chewed Items

A box of cereal in your pantry with holes chewed through the bottom is a clear sign that there are rats or mice in your property. Mice and rats have strong teeth and have been known to chew through hard surfaces. They can chew through almost anything and will help themselves to your food.


Seeing one mouse or rat in your home or business is an indicator that you may have a full-on infestation. They multiply very quickly, and if you have seen one, rest assured there is probably more mice or rats somewhere on your property.

Strange Sounds

If you hear skittering whenever you walk into a room or hear paper crinkling when you turn out the lights, you probably have mice or rats in your home or business. They are nocturnal creatures and prefer to come out at night, so you may hear scampering in the walls of your home or business at night. They have poor vision and use their whiskers as feelers. They often travel along the walls and baseboards, called “runs,” in your home or business in order to find their way back to their nests.

Professional Rodent Control

Don’t let mice or rats take over your property. Take steps to avoid and rid your home or business of these rodents as soon as you discover that you have an infestation. Chewed furniture or food containers, sounds of scampering and dropping sightings are all signs that these four legged menaces have taken residence in your property; If you think you may have a rat or mouse problem in your home or business, contact us immediately for a free quote!

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