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Bed Bug Travel Tips in the Greater Tampa Bay Area


For those that may be unfamiliar, a bed bug is a bug that feasts on human blood. The parasitic insect also infests beds, as the name can authenticate. How can an individual or family avoid getting bed bugs while they travel? It is not as difficult as some people may think.

1. Check Reviews for Hotels

Before he or she departs, the traveler should take the time to study the hotel that he or she is using. Has the hotel had problems with bed bugs in the past? Did the staff respond appropriately to an issue? This research can be done on the Internet. There are a number of review websites that allow previous customers to comment on experiences

2. Inspect a Room before Settling

A person should check the hotel room carefully before settling. This is important; if a person chooses to ignore this tip, he or she may end up picking up bed bugs. The person can lift up cushions on a couch or chair; he or she can also check the back of bedframes, headboards, bedside tables, dressers and paintings. Use a flashlight for under or inside a bed. If bed bugs are present, the staff of the hotel should be informed as soon as possible, and you should change rooms or switch hotels immediately.

3. Cover Clothes With Bags and Do Not Place Them on the Bed

Personal items of any kind should not be placed on the bed. It does not matter if an inspection took place; in the long run, caution takes priority. Clothing should not be taken out of the luggage; they should be kept inside bags no matter what. If a person needs an article of clothing, it can be removed from a bag. This step keeps bed bugs away from private items; the bugs cannot hide inside a shirt or book, and they cannot be taken back home as easily.

If you are unfortunate enough to find bed bugs at your hotel or bring them home, give us a call and we can quickly come out and take care of the problem.

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