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Bed Bug Control

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Bed bugs, once almost exterminated as a pest in America, are making a comeback in record numbers.

Bed Bugs infestations are everywhere people live, work and play: Homes, apartments, motels, hotels, schools, dormitories, locker rooms, theaters, planes, trains, buses, ships, subways, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living homes, department stores, the list is endless.  They are becoming a large problem in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, everywhere from Tampa to St. Petersburg.

As the saying goes the best defense is a good offense. Know the enemy – where do they sleep, what and when do they eat, how do they get around, will they make me sick, what do they look like?

Where will I find bed bugs?

bed bug newspaperHuman dwellings make the most suitable living environment for these critters. It offers warmth, areas to hide and most importantly hosts on which to feed. During the day they hide in cracks and crevices and can be found in wall outlets, behind baseboards, wallpaper and pictures, between bed joints and slats, along the seams of mattresses and linens. The cryptic nature of Bed Bugs makes them very difficult to locate, making control a complex and laborious process.

BedBugs are moved from one place to another because they like to “hitchhike” on belongings such as clothes, suitcases, book bags, handbags, second-hand beds, furniture and bedding etc. So there is the possibility of finding them almost anywhere.

What and when do they feed?

They feed on blood at night using a piercing beak. They prefer humans, but will feed on other animals such as dogs, cats and birds. They can live for months without a blood meal, which means they can survive while you’re away on vacation or while an unoccupied home or business is waiting to be sold.

Bed Bug FAQ

Will Bed Bugs make me sick?

Floridian Bed Bugs are not known to spread any diseases, despite the fact that they feed on blood. There bites can cause itchy skin rashes or welts. Some people have allergic reactions to the bites and secondary infections can develop from itchy bites being scratched open.

But loss of sleep is the most common problem, even sleep deprivation which can cause Irritability, Inability to concentrate and decreased energy.

What do they look like?

Adults are about ¼ inch long, reddish brown to dark brown in color with an oval, flattened body. They cannot fly, but can run and disperse quickly.

What Should I Do If I Suspect bed bug?

Alternative Pest Management can definitively determine if you have Bed Bugs in your Pasco, Pinellas, Citrus, Hillsborough or Hernando County home or business.

Tell-tale signs of bed bugs:

  • bedbug2Red, welts/bites that itch and occur while sleeping.
  • Dark brown; red; rusty looking excrement on mattresses, linens or near bed.
  • Insects found in cracks and crevices in bedding, nearby furniture, drapes, carpeting or behind lamp tables, headboards, footboards and picture frame, etc.

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Are all indications that you may have a Bed Bug infestation? If you see any of these signs or suspect that Bed Bugs are present, contact Alternative Pest Management immediately to determine if you have a Bed Bug problem and to discuss an appropriate treatment plan.

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